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Saturday, July 11, 2020

The new Brexit reality

So all the promises that leaving the EU would not increase the cost of goods, impinge free trade with Europe or add red tape and bureaucracy to imports and exports, thus increasing the price of goods and services for consumers have come to naught. What a surprise!

The Guardian reports that the government has secretly purchased 11 hectares (27 acres) of land 20 miles from Dover to site a vast new Brexit customs clearance centre for the 10,000 lorries that come through the Kent port from Calais every day.

The paper says that it will be the first customs post erected in the UK to deal with goods coming from the EU for 27 years. The government has been forced to introduce customs controls because of the decision to leave the EU’s single market and the customs union on 1 January. Now, businesses are bracing themselves for the publication of the first official details of the new border operating model and immigration system on Monday.

When we add in the impact of the leaked letter from the UK's international trade secretary, Liz Truss suggesting that Boris Johnson's Northern Ireland border plans could break international trading rules, risk the UK's international credibility, and lead to smuggling from the European Union then it is becoming clear that 2021 is likely to start in chaos and acrimony and go downhill from there.
Along with the secrets of the govnt have the pollsters asked a question (secret or otherwise) like 'Do you want Brexit to lead to the break-up of the UK?
So Kent is to become one gigantic car park.AND WAS DONE IN SECRET COUNCIL NOT INFORMED!
Any delay in goods transportation will cost to companies and if fresh produce is involved it could rot before getting to supermarkets .Price of foriegn goods then go up OR NEW COUNTRIES WILL BE FOUND FOR THEM TO GO TO.
British farmers will have full production . Can they keep up the supply and demand curve? If not prices will go up to curve the demand .Arguement then becomes do we have times when food is plowed back into the ground? Can it be exported quickly enough.
The chaos of Covid 19 will be replaced by the chaos of Brexit.
Where will the countries reputation end up?
Is this new customs post just for Dover or will it also include the freight vehicles from the Channel Tunnel? If so 10.000 lorries a day seems on the low so.
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