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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Assembly Quiz Part Four

It is the first day of term so here is the next 20 questions from the quiz put together by John Jenkins from the BMA. Part Three is here, answers are in the comments.

61. Which AM once tried to brown chips with coffee?

62. Which AM describes herself as part Welsh, part Irish?

63. Which AM played on the wing for Cardiff Medics?

64. Which AM spent a day working on a hill farm during the lambing season to get a taste of life as a farmer?

65. Whose grandfather worked at Cammell Laird’s shipyard and was involved in the building of HMS Thetis which was launched and sank immediately on 1 June 1930 – a torpedo tube having been left open.

66. Name the new AMs who won their seats in the May 2007 election.

67. Who worked so late in the Assembly one night, his car was locked in the car park?

68. Which AM is a keen viola player?

69. Which AM was described by the Western Mail as a ‘political anorak’?

70. Which AM has a red dragon tattooed on a thigh?

71. Who likes to be called Oscar?

72. Which AM was once a driving instructor?

73. Name the Plaid Cymru AMs who disagreed with going into coalition with the Welsh Conservatives.

74. Which seat has the biggest majority?

75. Which seat has the lowest majority?

76. Which constituency had the biggest turn-out in the election?

77. Which constituency saw the biggest swing from Labour?

78. What part did a fax machine play in the setting up of the third Assembly?

79. What did the newly elected First Minister have to do before he was paid?

80. Name the father and daughter who stood in the Assembly election?
The answers:

61. Mike German
62 Bethan Jenkins.
63. Dai Lloyd
64. Alun Cairns
65. Peter Black
66. Angela Burns, Darren Millar, Nick Ramsay, Paul Davies, Mohammed Asghar, Bethan Jenkins, Nerys Evans, Chris Franks, Lesley Griffiths, Alun Davies, Gareth Jones and Joyce Watson.
67. Peter Black
68. Bethan Jenkins
69. Peter Black
70. Jocelyn Davies
71. Mohammad Asghar
72. Nick Ramsay
73. Helen Mary Jones, Leanne Wood, Nerys Evans and Bethan Jenkins
74. Meirionnydd Dwyfor
75. Vale of Glamorgan (83)
76. Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
77. Newport East (12.5%)
78. After the election of the newly elected First Minister, a fax was sent to Buckingham Palace asking for Royal assent.
79. Swear an oath before the presiding judge of the Welsh Circuit.
80. Mohammad Asghar (South Wales East) and Natasha Asghar (Blaenau Gwent)
Question 66.

Isn't Andrew RT Davies also a new AM ? I can't see him in your answers.
Yes he is. It is not my quiz so I deny all responsibility for errors. :-)
Awww, so I don't win a prize then? :-(
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