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Monday, March 10, 2008

Assembly Quiz Part Three

A further 20 questions from the quiz put together by John Jenkins from the BMA. Parts one and two are here and here. There are 160 questions in all so this one will run and run. Answers are in the comments.

41. Who was described by the Western Mail: ‘Has matured into more than the megaphone politician she used to be’?

42. Whilst out canvassing, which AM walked up a newly laid concrete drive which was still wet?

43. When asked what would be the first law he would pass if he ran Wales said: “Genetic breeding of parrots so that they could live wild in Wales”?

44. Which former AM grew the biggest onions in the world in 1975?

45. Which AM is a collector of first-edition James Bond books?

46. Whose ambition is to open a vineyard?

47. Which AM strongly supported a campaign for the right to die at home?

48. Whose favourite pop group in the 1970s was the Jam?

49. Which AM said: “I’d rather go to prison than carry a Big Brother ID card”?

50. Who was described by the Western Mail as ‘a feisty AM good at local campaigning’?

51. Which AM holds a pilots licence and comes from a family of aviators?

52. Whose mother’s first cousin is Llew Smith MP?

53. If he could write his own epitaph, he decided on: ‘He saw, he listened, he delivered’?

54. Whose favourite film is ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’?

55. Which AM passed her driving test after being elected to the Assembly?

56. Which AM’s old school was also the alma mater of Harold Wilson?

57. Which AM was accused of trying to alter his home address to add value to his property?

58. Who joined a political party because his daughter was invited a complete a placement in the office of an AM – and enjoyed it?

59. Who had her first kiss in the Celynen Collieries Institute and Memorial Hall?

60. Who said: “I’m a committed socialist and I believe in working for Wales to become an independent socialist republic”?
41. Leanne Wood
42. David Melding
43. David Melding
44. Glyn Davies
45. Nick Bourne
46. Alun Davies
47. Helen Mary Jones
48. David Melding
49. Leanne Wood
50. Jocelyn Davies
51. Mohammad Asghar
52. Jocelyn Davies
53. Mike German
54. David Melding
55. Jocelyn Davies
56. Peter Black
57. Alun Cairms
58. Mohammad Asghar
59. Jocelyn Davies with a boy called Kim
60. Leanne Wood
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