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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Know our Assembly

Just for a bit of fun, below are the first 20 questions in a quiz devised by John Jenkins of the BMA about the Assembly and its members. The answers are in the comments. I will publish the remaining 140 questions spasmodically in due course.

1. Who is captain of the Assembly football team?

2. Which AM enjoys traditional Dixieland Jazz from the 1920s?

3. Which AM still has a French pen-friend?

4. Who would like to be a stage manager if he/she gave up being an AM?

5. Which AM has been a lobbyist for the tobacco industry?

6. Who has asked more written questions than any other AM?

7. Who suffered a heart attack at Easter 2006?

8. Which AM stages an attempt to become president of her party in October 2006?

9. Which AM always wears a fresh flower in his lapel?

10. Who chaired the Assembly Committee on the Inquiry into the E.coli outbreak in November 2005?

11. Name the two non-Labour members to have served in the cabinet before the current One Wales government..

12. Who is the only AM to have lost his seat in the Assembly and then returned to represent a new constituency?

13. Which AM was a sometime saxophonist?

14. Which AM was leg spinner bowler?

15. Which AM has been the leader of a Welsh County Council?

16. Who was voted the Politician to Watch at the ITV Wales Political Awards in 2006?

17. Who is chair of the cross party group on Healthy Living?

18. Which AM has a big interest in animal welfare?

19. Who was described as ‘not considered herself a mainstream politician’?

20. Which AM is devoted to comedy sketch writing?
The answers:
1. John Griffiths
2. Rhodri Morgan
3. Nick Bourne
4. Mike German
5. Alun Davies
6. Nick Bourne
7. Brynle Williams
8. Eleanor Burnham
9. William Graham
10. Jocelyn Davies
11. Mike German and Jenny Randerson
12. Gareth Jones
13. Nerys Evans
14. Ieuan Wyn Jones
15. Alun Ffred Jones
16. Kirsty Williams
17. Jeff Cuthbert
18. Lorraine Barrett
19. Angela Burns
20. Darren Millar
Well, he's wrong with his answer to question 1. Alun Davies is captain of the Assembly football team and has been since his election. John stepped down to concentrate on his Ministerial duties.

Not a good start for Mr Jenkins, I shall not bother with the rest since it seems he can't even get the answers right.
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