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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Assembly Quiz Part Five

The next 20 questions from the quiz put together by John Jenkins from the BMA. We are past the halfway stage now and on the home straight. Part Four is here. Answers will be put in the comments later.

81. Who said: ‘I read I was toast while I was eating my toast’?

82. Which AM was welcomed by First Minister Rhodri Morgan as the new member of Parliament for……?

83. To whom was First Minister Rhodri Morgan referring when he said: ‘ You live even closer to me, coming from Michelston le Pit; you have sown barley next to my house’?

84. Who described sitting in Gordon Brown’s seat on a train as ‘a pleasure and a privilege’?

85. Who said: ‘I say to this Assembly and to the people that I am not the boss. They, the people are the boss’?

86. Which AM was described by Rhodri Morgan as a ‘retread’?

87. Which AM was postmistress of a post office?

88. Who said: ‘You make me blush Presiding Officer’?

89. Who referred to Rhodri Morgan as ‘a colleague and a comrade’?

90. Which AM claimed to be an avid reader of the ‘Morning Star’ newspaper?

91. To whom was Andrew Davies referring when he said: ‘When he referred to the great Edwardian edifices in our capital, I was not sure at one stage whether he was referring to himself’?

92. Which AM quoted from a song by Welsh language pop group Edward H Dafis during a debate (we will come together, we will come together in harmony)?

93. Who was described by Nick Bourne as rising ‘off her seat like our first moonshot, with all the grace and thrust that she always has’?

94. Who described himself as ‘an anglo-Welshman who is rather incompetently learing Welsh’?

95. Which AM’s wife speaks Irish?

96. Who described the ‘One Wales’ document on the partnership between Labour and Plaid Cymru as ‘a gripping and compelling read’?

97. What has Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Ian Paisley got in common?

98. Who referred to the residents of Japan as ‘Japs’?

99. Who is the Counsel General?

100. Who said: “I do watch my weight, although I am not in WeightWatchers.”
The answers

81. Rhodri Morgan when a minority Labour administration took control of the Welsh Assembly.
82. Leslie Griffiths (Wrexham)
83. Andrew R T Davies
84. Eleanor Burnham
85. Rhodri Morgan
86. Gareth Jones
87. Nerys Evans
88. Alun Davies
89. Jane Hutt when she nominated him as First Minister
90. David Melding
91. David Melding
92. Leighton Andrews
93. Helen Mary Jones
94. David Melding
95. Carwyn Jones
96. Nick Bourne
97. They are both ‘double’ ministers
98. Eleanor Burnham
99. Carwyn Jones
100. Rhodri Morgan.
Gwenda Thomas was also a postmistress in a previous life.

Gary Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems / Candidate for Maesteg West.
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