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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blogging for Wales

Suddenly, Welsh political life has grown in stature with a flurry of new blogs from Parliamentarians springing up like April daffodils (yes, I know, I have been reading too many of Glyn Davies' posts). Most of these new blogs come from the Tories who have suddenly embraced the medium with all the enthusiasm of converts. I have added most of them to my links but here is a quick rundown of the new kids on the block.

Amongst the Assembly Members, Alun Cairns has now joined Nick Bourne, Glyn Davies and David Davies with his own blog. Alun's offerings so far are as strident and as narrowly focussed as he often is in Committee and the Chamber, but there is still time for him to settle into the medium.

It is worth noting that Glyn Davies has not just taken up blogging but he has gone overboard with three other blogs, in addition to his Cardiff Bay reflections, he has one in Welsh, and two others focussing on sport and gardening. The tip on how to use a lawn mower to plant a mobile phone is particularly worth reading.

The one curiosity I spotted on Glyn's blogs by the way was in the links. He has been very assiduous in listing all the Welsh Tory blogs but for some reason has omitted to link to that run by his Assembly Leader, Nick Bourne. Is that a pointed omission or a genuine error? I think we should be told.

Still on Tory Parliamentarians I see that Stephen Crabb MP has a blog as well, which he updates weekly. This means that two thirds of the Welsh Tory Parliamentary Party are bloggers. The exception is David Jones, the member for Clwyd West. This is a shame as I am sure he has a lot to offer us on the subject of 'what is a decent watch'.

As if you had not had enough of the Tories there is also a Tory campaign blog and blogs from the Tory candidates for Bridgend and Aberconwy. It has to be said that with the exception of Glyn Davies and the campaign blog, which is run by former South Wales Echo journalist and Tory Press Officer, Richard Hazlewood, all of these blogs are as dull as dishwater. But at least they are there.

With Labour also being well represented by Leighton Andrews and Alun Pugh and Plaid Cymru by Leanne Wood, Welsh Liberal Democrat Parliamentarians really need to pull their fingers out. We are being left behind and it is not good. Perhaps it would help if they started off by admitting that it is not blogs that they have a problem with, but this specific blog.
Iain Dale gave the welsh blogs a mention yesterday.

How suspiciously similar to a post I did last night! Where;s the hat tip?!!
Yes, apologies Iain. They are quite different posts but I can see the similarity.
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