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Thursday, September 14, 2006

There will always be Naples

One can only have sympathy for Tory MP, David Jones and his wife, who were mugged recently in Naples and each lost their rolex watch. What is less clear is why Mr. Jones has decided to retaliate by declaring war on the whole City.

On a positive note, the episode has at least opened our eyes to the lifestyle of an affluent MP, that many of us can only envy. The Western Mail has him 'recovering' at his hotel on the island of Capri, an area best known for its patronage by millionaires as well as more humble tourists.

My favourite quote however, which I first saw on the Liberal Review Apollo blog, is the one that defines the standards by which this former Assembly Member lives:

"It's a shame that a city such as Naples is spoilt by uncontrollable crime. The mayor wants to take a look at the fact that a visitor cannot walk safely down a street wearing a decent watch."
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