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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Caged again

For the third time I have ended up behind bars for a good cause. Previously, I was locked up with Cyril the Swan and Amanda Protheroe-Thomas for the RSPCA and on my own at Neath Carnival for Amnesty International. Today, it was RSPCA revisited as I came back for more punishment.

For those conspiracy theorists amongst you, yes I am locked up with Labour Minister, Carwyn Jones and his two children. However, we only discussed pacts and coalitions in the context of the Western Mail story earlier this week and then only to speculate about whose vivid imagination made the whole thing up. The rest of the time was spent talking to Jonny B from The Wave and the other captives.

For the record the day, officially titled 'Lock up your boss day', made over £1,000 as visitors put money into two buckets, one to let us out, the other to keep us there. My staff all turned up and donated to the latter. They will be sorry. :-)

Although the animal sanctuary at Llys Nini is part of the RSPCA it is an entirely independent charity and does not receive any money from the central organisation towards its running costs. It has to raise £400,000 a year locally to stay open. If you wish to donate then, it is never too late. Go to their website here and follow the clear instructions under the 'How can you help' section.

We'd have had a whip round at the office if we'd known Peter! Personally I think your staff should be praised for their dedication in turning out at all on a Sunday!
Please let me know how I can be caged with Amanda Protheroe-Thomas.

- Frank Little
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