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Monday, May 03, 2004

Caged up

In the end the lock-in at Llys Nini animal centre proved to be immensely entertaining. The idea was to imprison various personalities and demand money for their release. Why exactly they chose a politician then defeats me. Even the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Group failed to come up with cash to secure my freedom. Luckily I managed to get enough money in my collecting bucket from passers-by to justify them letting me out.

In total I was locked up with an NHS manager dressed in a blue rabbit costume. Sgorio presenter Amanda Protheroe-Thomas, Swansea City Football Club mascot, Cyril the Swan, All-Whites mascot, Fergal Sharkey, a local bank manager, the Wales Manager of the RSPCA and Captain Beany. Amanda Protheroe-Thomas was being promoted as Wales' sexiest woman, so it was very amusing when we were being led out two by two towards the cages. She was twinned with Cyril the Swan who announced to those listening that at last they had brought "two classy birds together". I suppose you had to be there.

Update: Apparently the RSPCA raised £3,500 altogether from this open day, including an anonymous donation of £2,000..

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