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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Football with McDonalds

Labour blogger, Kerron Cross, reports that the Scottish Parliament team won the UK Parliamentary Charity Shield for the third year running. He also records that Cardiff West MP, Kevin Brennan was sent off whilst playing for the Welsh Assembly side, after a piece of play-acting that might have made Ronaldo blush.

The only other details I have are those on Kerron's blog, namely that the Welsh Assembly side lost to the MPs 1-0. I take it that the dearth of news on the Assembly's e-mail system is directly related to a very poor showing by our side. Sorry I was unable to make it but I was fruitfully engaged elsewhere.

Nevertheless, I am sure that all the participants enjoyed McDonald's hospitality and also watching Liverpool's 2-1 defeat of Chelsea.
The AMs also lost to the Irish in the first game. Perhaps they need your help?
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