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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Big Mac and the football tournament

An e-mail arrived yesterday inviting Assembly Members to come forward and play in their own version of the Charity Shield. The catch is that the event is sponsored by McDonalds Restaurants, purveyors of fast food and less than healthy eating options. The attached letter is designed to entice us into participating:

The Parliamentary Shield and the FA Community Shield 12 & 13 August 2006

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join colleagues from Westminster, the Scottish Parliament and Stormont in the 5th Parliamentary Shield football tournament which will be held at Leckwith Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday 12 August before attending the FA Community Shield match between Liverpool and Chelsea at the Millennium Stadium the following day.

This is a great occasion – a chance to settle old scores and, most importantly, a superb opportunity for you to come together from across the regions and win money for charity.

This year we are delighted to have achieved our goal of creating 10,000 new grassroots community football coaches across the UK. The programme has provided over 5.6 million coaching opportunities for children and distributed over £2 million worth of kit and equipment to grassroots teams.

There is no doubt that it is a good cause but those who take part will not exactly be slumming it if the itinerary is anything to go by:

Saturday 12 August

10.30-11.30 Check in at the Hilton, Cardiff
12.00 Meet chaperone in hotel atrium
12.15 Buses leave depart the Hilton for Leckwith Stadium
13.00 Team Photos
13.20 Captain’s draw
13.30 Warm-up session with McDonald’s coach

The tournament will take the form of two semi final matches (20 minutes each way) and a 3rd place play-off (10 minutes each way) followed by the Final (20 minutes each way)

13.45 Kick off – 1st semi final
14.05 Half time
14.35 1st semi final finish
14.45 Kick off – 2nd semi final
15.05 Half time
15.35 2nd semi final finish
15.45 Kick off – the play off
15.55 Half time
16.10 Play off finish
16.20 Kick off – Final
16.40 Half time
17.05 Full time
17.20 Presentation of Trophy by Sir Geoff Hurst
17.50 Showers and change
18.05 Buses return to Hilton
19.30 Drinks reception in Hilton Atrium
20.00 Parliamentary Shield 2006 dinner – Razzi Restaurant, Hilton
20.15 Welcome speech and formal trophy presentation to winning captain and player

of the tournament
00.00 Piano Bar closes

Sunday 13 August

08.00-10.00 Breakfast served in the Razzi Restaurant, Hilton
10.40 Meet in the hotel Atrium for transfer to the Millennium Stadium
11.00 The FA Club opens – drinks reception
12.15 Welcome from the stage
12.30 Lunch is served
14.00 Pre-match build up / entertainment
14.20 Everyone to make their way into the stadium
15.00 Kick off
16.45 Post-match hospitality at the FA Club
19.00 FA Club shuts

I am not planning to go but I look forward to reading the declarations of interest of those who do.
Any more details for members of the public wishing to watch their elected representatives make fools of themselves in shorts, for a good cause of course.. ?
You have the whole itinerary here with dates and venues. I dont know anymore.
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