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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Standing in a hole, digging.

Plaid Cymru's South Wales West regional list number one, Bethan Jenkins, has not recovered from her embarrassment at confusing Swansea City's opponents in the play-off finals, even though she claimed to be there. Wiser heads in her party might have advised her to let it go and move on, but if they did then she clearly ignored them.

She has written to tonight's Evening Post to apologise:

I Would like to apologise for stating that I was in the Burnley match as opposed to the Barnsley match against the Swans (Post, June 10)! I was drowning my sorrows at the result while writing the letter, and seem to have lost my track somewhat! I'm sure the Swans would beat Burnley, anyhow!

Burnley are already in the Championship. There is nothing like rubbing it in. Because the Swans lost to Barnsley they will not have the opportunity next season to prove whether Bethan's punditry is accurate or not. However, her letter clearly gives the impression that not only does she not know this but that football is an alien concept to her, albeit one she is struggling to come to terms with for electoral reasons.

Meanwhile, here are two pieces of advice for Bethan which I offer for free:

1. Do not write to the Evening Post whilst "drowning your sorrows". Sobriety is normally recommended for such activity, as it is for most of the activities associated with being an Assembly Member.

2. When in a hole, stop digging.
Maybe we should ask her opinion on some of the offside decisions in this World Cup because even I'm getting confused at times. Might shed a little light or at least hilarity on the constant cutting over to Baden Baden at every convienient moment.
Is there no escape from football anywhere?
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