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Saturday, June 10, 2006

False dawn

When you are a young politician seeking to establish your name it is natural that you will take every opportunity to get yourself to the forefront of the public's mind. Thus it has been with Plaid Cymru's number one list candidate in South Wales West, Bethan Jenkins. Judging from an item in the editor's column of the South Wales Evening Post tonight however, she needs to take just a little bit more care in future if people are to take her seriously. The editor writes:

"Plaid Cymru regional list candidate for South West Wales Bethan Jenkins wrote to me congratulating the Swans on their performance in the play-off final against Burnley.

Like Bethan I was there, and I also enjoyed the atmosphere created by the Swans' fans. Like Bethan, I agree that we must remain positive despite the disappointment.

Uum, just one thing, Bethan. We were actually playing Barnsley."

Oh dear!
Yes, does appear clumsy... are you sure that it was Bethan that wrote that, and not a typo by the editor?

After all, you wrote "The editor writes:"
Yes I am positive, after all she has admitted it. See this post
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