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Thursday, February 29, 2024


The next time a Tory politician complains about small boats bringing immigrants over to the UK, it will be worthwhile directing them to thia article in the Mirror.

The paper says that a damning report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has warned that Home Office 'chaos' is costing taxpayers millions of pounds with 55,000 asylum seekers in permanent limbo.

They say that this damning report has found that tens of thousands of asylum seekers are unable to work and stuck in temporary accommodation. They add that the failure to bring in the costly Rwanda deportation project means they're barred from claiming asylum, but ministers have nowhere to send them:

Suella Braverman's Illegal Migration Act means anyone who arrived in the UK without authorisation, including on small boats, after July 20 last year can't have their asylum claim considered. Meanwhile anyone who arrived after March 7, 2023, cannot generally be be given permission to stay.

Even if the Rwanda scheme - which would see asylum seekers given a one-way ticket to the African nation, it is "highly doubtful" it will have the capacity required, the IPPR said.

Marley Morris, associate director for migration at IPPR, said: “Chaos in the home office has led to tens of thousands of asylum seekers stuck in a perma-backlog, unable to get on with their lives and costing the taxpayer millions. This was an entirely predictable outcome of the Illegal Migration Act. The only way to escape this situation is for the Home Office to start processing claims.”

Stephen Kinnock MP, Labour ’s Shadow Immigration Minister, commenting on the findings, said: "The fact that the Conservatives have simply replaced one asylum backlog with another, at an enormous cost to the British taxpayer, only goes to illustrate the complete and utter chaos they have created in the asylum system.

"The Tories have already pledged to give £400million to the Rwandan government without a single person being flown there, and wider removals have collapsed by 34 per cent since 2010.

The The IPPR said in 2022/23 the asylum system cost £3.97billion, compared with £500million a decade earlier. It is little wonder that the asylum system is broken.
It is a farcical mess purely of Conservatives doing. Reports are that now homelessness is rising amongst not only UK nationals but migrants kicked out of hotels.
A proposal Let migrants stay in hotels. WORK. The money they receive can be used to pay back hotel costs (to Govnt or other) fund UK taxes, send money to families abroad etc.This continues whilst house building speed is increased. RADICAL thought and effort is needed to go forward. Has the party got the guts to change the situation?
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