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Friday, September 30, 2022

Tories to double down on attacks on the poor

As if Liz Truss and her shambolic Chancellor had not taken enough flack for an uncosted budget that handed out cash to the rich at the expense of everybody else, and which plunged the economy into chaos, the Times reports that the Prime Minister has said that she will not change course and will push ahead with government savings to pay for her £45 billion stimulus package.

The paper says that Ministers are drawing up plans for real-terms benefits cuts, saving £5 billion by increasing them in line with earnings, rather than with inflation.

In her interviews today, Truss acknowledged “difficult times for people” but insisted she would not be diverted from her plans. She “wouldn’t apologise”, she said, for cutting taxes on the rich, arguing that she had taken “difficult decisions” and adding: “I’m prepared to do that as prime minister because what’s important to me is that we get our economy moving.”

However, she also insisted that her government was “fiscally responsible”’ and would “bring debt down over time”.

Government departments have been told to find more savings, and Truss insisted this could be done while protecting the NHS, infrastructure and police, adding: “Our priority is frontline public services.”

She sought to attribute economic problems to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but YouGov found that only 17 per cent of voters think Putin is most to blame and 40 per cent blame the government’s economic policies.

This is kamikaze politics, penalising the poorest elements of our society so as to enrich further the billionaires who back her party. How much longer can Tory MPs tolerate her presence in Number 10?
The 1922 committee will have to change the rules to get rid of her.For now she is there for a year. Could the Conservative party split like in 1922? More likely they will gather round to save their seats cos it is that the worship rather what is good for the people and country.
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