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Friday, September 25, 2020

One rule for the rich, another for the rest of us?

Is it any wonder that people do not trust the COVID regulations being imposed by the UK Government. First of all the Prime Minister fails to punish a key aide who broke the rules by travelling to Barnard Castle, then they add little exemptions that only really apply to their own narrow class, such as exempting grouse shooting and hunting .with guns in England from outdoor activities where the “rule of six” coronavirus regulations apply. And they are at it again.

The Independent reports that new face mask rules for taxi passengers will not apply to those in chauffeur-driven cars.

They say that Boris Johnson announced further restrictions for England on Tuesday in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus, including expanded rules over when face coverings should be worn. 

These new restrictions included a rule stating passengers in taxis and private hire vehicles would have to wear face masks. However, No10 said this rule would not apply to passengers in chauffeur-driven cars - although the driver's employer would have to ensure they could work safely:

The UK prime minister’s official spokesperson said: "The employer of the chauffeur will have to make sure that their employees can work in a Covid-secure way."

When pressed if chauffeurs are covered by the new law, the spokesman said: "The important point to make is the driver of a licensed vehicle will be picking up a wide variety of customers throughout the day but it's important to protect the driver from being infected from a significant number of different people.

They added: "The scenario that you're describing, that person would only be a single individual around so I don't think they're comparable."

The spokesperson said he would check whether the rule applies to ministers being driven around in ministerial cars.

It's almost as if they are trying to recreate the imaginary world of P.G, Wodehouse in the twenty-first century. They will be legislating for us all to wear cloth caps next, which we have to doff whenever we come across a Tory MP.

Your last paragraph is so apt.
I have been reading up on what is happening today with this Govnts politics.
The article is so striking.Only in no8 have I noted it not happening.
'Look up --https://secularhumanism.org/2003/03/fascism-anyone (Free Inquiry spring vol23 no2 by Laurence W Brit.
Although about the US it seems so relevant to today in the UK
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