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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Consultants on stand-by

You can tell that the government's test and trace policy is in trouble in England, when they start to talk aboout bringing in consultants - a move that could well bring about the complete collapse of the entire system.

As the Guardian reports, the government is preparing to shore up its £10bn coronavirus test-and-trace programme by drafting in teams of management consultants:

The programme, where 90% of tests are failing to hit the 24-hour turnaround target, has been touted as a key way in which the country can return to relative normality in the absence of a Covid-19 vaccine and manage any second wave of the virus. However, the system has struggled despite the prime minister pledging earlier this year to create a “world-beating” service. It has been condemned as “barely functional” as it struggles to handle demand of up to four times capacity.

The Guardian has learned that “hundreds” of staff from consulting firms including KPMG have been put on standby to work on “back office” parts of the system “on a short-term basis” over the next six months. Other firms thought to have been contacted for help include EY.

While the government and the consulting firms are said to still to be negotiating contracts, the consultants are understood to be required in areas including programme management, data, project support and supply chain, and could start work in the next 72 hours.

One person with knowledge of the process said: “The government has gone out to a wide number of firms asking for support on this.”

It is not clear how much the consulting services will cost the taxpayer.

If anyone can point me to just one case where the introduction of management consultants into a policy area run by government has been an outstanding success then I will revise my opinion. 

However, rather than throw more money at the problem, perhaps the UK government should start again from scratch, look at the success of the public service-run test and trace system in Wales, and seek to replicate that instead.

I offer this advice free of charge.

Yes.Start again with a successful T and T system
However it is known that Tories do not like local Govnt. That is why they have been slowly strangling it for years..Their GOD is private enterprise.
Equally remember the vast sums spent on PPE that has been given to private companies not the tried and tested ones in public sphere.
They prefer 'jobs for the boys.They are not fit to govern.
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