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Friday, May 22, 2020

Farage all at sea again

When the history of this pandemic is written I am sure that there will be a special footnote entitled 'The misadventures of Nigel Farage'.

The Brexit Party leader has already been visited by officers from Kent Police, who advised him on the restrictions on travel in place to tackle coronavirus, after he travelled more than 100 miles to Dover to film a video rant about migrants during Britain’s lockdown. Now he has been condemned as "callous and heartless" for making a boat trip into the Channel to monitor migrants arriving in the UK.

The Independent reports that posted on Twitter that he had "just hit dry land in Dover" after an early morning foray to track migrants arriving on British shores:

Christine Jardine, the Liberal Democrat shadow home affairs spokesperson said: "The actions of Nigel Farage today are appalling. To disregard those struggling to survive in such a callous and heartless way is a new low, even for him.

"Priti Patel's decision to pander to individuals such as Farage only increases incidents such as these.

"By making it harder to come to the UK safely, the Conservatives are playing into the hands of criminal gangs who exploit desperate people for profit."

She called for a stronger Border Force to stop people smugglers and legal routes to sanctuary to help people claiming asylum.

At a time when immigrants are fronting up our care and health services, putting their lives at risk, it seems more than a little crass to be staging stunts that may well backfire on that section of our community.
What is wrong with Nigel Farage? Unless the migrants are suffering from the virus already they are less of a risk to our society than those UK nationals who break quarantine rules and make unnecessary journeys of 100 miles.
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