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Thursday, January 09, 2020

On that Harry and Meghan decision

I am no royalist, so I am struggling to understand the reaction of certain media outlets to the decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step down from royal duties and find a different life for themselves.

As long as we are not paying them to shoot off to North America, I don't feel it is really any of our business what they do with their lives.

There are a few tweets on this issue however, which I reproduce below, that sum up the sorry state of much of our media and those who join them in criticising the Sussex's:

I very much identify with the sentiments expressed above. The incipient racism in much of the criticism of Meghan has been depressing. Good luck to them both. I really don't blame them for taking the decision they have.
This 'woman of colour' is not appreciated by the right wing press.Of course they will not talk about racism direct but find other ways of 'getting at her'. The Queen married a 'forinner', a Greek, white of course. Any complaints about him?? Nobody should be harassed by the media or anybody else
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