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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Welsh hospital buildings still unsafe over 6 years later

For those who were shocked by this morning's news that Wales' dilapidated NHS buildings need £261m worth of work on problems deemed to pose high or significant risks, here is another shocker. I highlighted this precise problem six and a half years ago, when I was Welsh Liberal Democrats health spokesperson. The fact that this problem appears to have go worse speaks volumes for the priority being given to it by the Welsh Government.

Back in March 2009. Welsh Liberal Democrats found that it would cost £468m to complete the backlog of hospital repairs held by every NHS trust in Wales. NHS in Wales Estate Condition and Performance Report 2007-08 said that it would cost £31m to bring the NHS estate in Wales up to the requirements it has to meet on disability and fire safety.

We said that there needs to be urgent action taken on the £227m of risk-adjusted backlog, which is the amount of the total repairs classified as being in need of the most urgent attention. This included £75m of high-risk repairs.

Today we are told that the seven health boards and two NHS trusts have a combined maintenance backlog of £560m:

BBC Wales analysis found:
Where has the Welsh Government been in all this? Will we get another headline in 2025 highlighting even scarier figures? Surely it is time to take action.

Do the Trusts etc get money from central govnt? If so that money is charged at .I believe 6%.Balancing a budget means something has to give.
If the money given can be charged at say only 1% that 5% money could be put into the maintainance of the property.
It can be argued that the money put back into NHS coffers by the Govnt is only money that the NHS had taken off it in the 1st place cos a Govnt can obtain money at a very low rate.
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