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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Boris Johnson fails his first test of leadership

It is the first duty of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to stand up for our national interest.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson failed the first test as to whether he was capable of standing up for the UK, when he failed to back our ambassador to the United States in the row about his assessment of the Trump administration. As a result the Ambassador's position became untenable and he had no choice but to resign.

Will a Boris Johnson premiership make us a supplicant to Donald Trump? Are we about to become the 51st state of the United States? There are genuine reasons to think that this might be the case.
Yes that is a possibility that awaits us if Brexit is a disaster.To survive in today's World we need to be part of an organisation. Throughout the World countries are forming into trade blocks The US sells itself well but under the surface their is huge poverty (homeless hidden out of sight in Las Vegas -bad for image. Look behind the image.
The EU is on the doorstep. We have been in it for 40 years and prospered. Are we about to throw it away?
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