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Thursday, March 09, 2017

UKIP in Wales unravels?

Another day, yet another extraordinary story about the dysfunctional Welsh branch of UKIP. According to the BBC the Welsh party's former chairman has left, saying that UKIP is "unravelling" this side of Offa's Dyke.

Chris Smart, who was appointed acting chairman of UKIP's Wales committee last summer, has said he wants to rejoin the Conservatives. In doing so he has raised questions about the strength of the party's operation as it approaches May's local elections:

Mr Smart told BBC Wales he was disappointed the party had failed to resolve the row about its former Welsh leader Nathan Gill, who doubles up as an independent AM and a UKIP MEP.

He was also disappointed by UKIP donor Arron Banks and his feud with the party's only MP, Douglas Carswell.

Mr Carswell is due to open a UKIP office in Pontypool on Thursday.

The party is "unravelling, I would suggest", Mr Smart said.

He said UKIP has no full-time officers in Wales, with local elections less than two months away.

"I can't see it [the election campaign] getting off the ground to be honest," he said.

"From the experience I have had in our branch when I talk to people about being councillors there I don't find much enthusiasm for that," he added.

UKIP won two seats at the last council elections in 2012, but has lost them both.

The question has to be, how long can UKIP hang on as a viable party.
UKIP Wales might be in chaos. However it is what they voters do that is important, they may still vote for them or the Conservatives (UKIP lite) for they will be interested in their jobs etc. The Lib Dems must spread doubt in the voters mind that the 2 of them are not good for Wales, give them a hard time and give the voter hope for the future.
Getting exited about UKIP imploding is odd, I dislike them as much as you, but UKIP won the referendum vote and ensured their divisive, hate filled agenda is the new political mainstream, an agenda that has been embraced to a greater or lesser extent by Labour, Tories, Plaid Cmyru and Lib Dems.

UKIP don't need to survive as a party, their job is done - Britain is out of the EU (and unlikely to ever be invited back), followed by the end of the Union with Scottish independence and Irish Unity.

Get used to be a region of England because that's what Wales is now, even if many Welsh Leavers didn't specifically vote for it.

A grim but sober appraisal of Diminishing Britain's likely future. Wales had the most to lose from leaving the EU, as its small farmers received so much funding from it.
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