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Thursday, December 31, 2009

No more predictions

On the first day of this year I foolishly sucumbed to the blogger's disease of seeking to make predictions for the year ahead. I do not intend to repeat the exercise tomorrow. However, in the interests of neatness I have assessed my performance below:

1. There will be a General Election in 2009, most probably in the autumn. The Liberal Demorats will slightly increase their number of MPs, holding on to all four of their Welsh seats. Gordon Brown will emerge from the election with a single figure majority - OK, that was wrong. I no longer believe that Gordon Brown will hold onto power but I am sticking to my predictions for the performance of the Liberal Democrats in Wales.

2. The Swans will finish comfortably in the top half of the Championship but will miss the play-offs - a hit but scant consolation in that. I am hoping for a play-off place this year. Swansea to beat Cardiff in the play-off final would make many people happy around here but if David Jones' team are to make that stage they will need to stop throwing away four goal leads.

3. Rhodri Morgan will resign as Welsh Labour Leader on schedule and will be succeeded by Carwyn Jones - bang on the button.

4. Nick Bourne will survive the year as Welsh Conservative Leader - again a hit despite the best efforts of some in his group.

5. Wales will win another Grand Slam - well, moving on...

6. I will seek to lose weight and fail miserably once more - these predictions are just too easy.

7. Vaughan Roderick will write something nice about the Welsh Liberal Democrats on his blog - actually I am sure that he did, it is just that I cannot find it at the moment. So, we will take that as a hit.

8. The Labour-Plaid Cymru One Wales coalition will survive a major crisis over the Welsh Language LCO and limp on throughout the year - another hit, though it seems that the biggest wobble was over the referendum date.

9. The Ospreys will win the Magners League and the EDF Cup - no more sporting predictions. I just don't get it do I?

In all I make that six out of nine. It really is best to quit while I am ahead.
Nostradamus hasn't got anything to worry about
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