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Monday, February 25, 2008

Assembly Quiz Part Two

Another 20 questions from the quiz put together by John Jenkins from the BMA. Part one is here, answers are in the comments.

21. Who said: “I’m on a performance-related pay with the electorate”?

22. Which AM is a trained industrial fire-fighter?

23. Which AM worked in an Elderly Mentally Infirm unit?

24. Who was the first AM to give birth during her period of office?

25. Who became a politician after observing the miner’s strike at first hand?

26. When asked what he wanted to be when he was growing up, answered: “Everything! Something different every couple of years. Engine driver….. Atomic scientist…Comedian”. ?

27. Who was described by the Western Mail as: ‘not shy in putting her views across, but seen by many as off the wall’?

28. Who was described by the Western Mail as a ‘Tory with a conscience who should lighten up’?

29. Why did Brynle Williams AM achieve national prominence before his election to the Assembly?

30. Asked what would be the first law he would pass if he ran Wales, answered: “Permanent summer sunshine!” Who is he?

31. Which AM is an accomplished soprano who won prizes at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod?

32. Who was the only AM to get 10 marks out of 10 for his performance in the Assembly?

33. Name the AMs who lost their seats at the May 2007 election?

34. Who worked for the UK Atomic Energy Authority before becoming an AM?

35. Which AM has seven brothers and sisters?

36. Who said: “Rhodri Morgan is to statecraft what Jade Goody is to geography.”?

37. Which former AM won two bardic chairs for literature?

38. Name the AMs who retired in May 2007

39. Who wrote the well known poem: Where are you now Kate Adie? ?

40. Which AM had an disagreement with actor Rhys Ifans over the Iraq war?
The answers:

21. Brian Gibbons
22. Carl Sargeant
23. Trish Law
24. Kirsty Williams
25. Carwyn Jones
26. Rhodri Morgan
27. Eleanor Burnham
28. Mark Isherwood
29. Leading campaigner in the protest against the importation of beef into Holyhead and the petrol crisis that hit Wales and the rest of the UK in 2000.
30. Mark Isherwood
31. Eleanor Burnham
32. Dafydd Elis Thomas
33. John Marek, Christine Gwyther, Tamsin Dunwoody, Catherine Thomas, Lisa Francis, Glyn Davies, Laura Anne Jones, Alun Pugh and Denise Idris Jones.
34. Alun Davies
35. Helen Mary Jones
36. Nick Bourne
37. Glyn Davies
38. Owen John Thomas, Sue Essex, Janet Davies and David Davies
39. Peter Black
40. Alun Davies
David Davies didn't retire. He went to Westminster
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