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Friday, December 04, 2020

UK Government to press ahead with law-breaking agenda

if we are not yet up to the wire on completing a post-Brexit deal with the EU then we must surely be only days away from it, sp what exactly is Boris Johnson's government playing at?

Well according to the Independent the Prime Minister is seeking to disrupt the talks further by pressing ahead with new legislation to overwrite the Brexit deal signed by Boris Johnson earlier this year:

With less than four weeks to go until a no-deal, Jacob Rees-Mogg on Thursday confirmed that ministers will reinsert controversial clauses removed by the House of Lords from their Internal Market Bill.

The House of Commons leader also announced the introduction of a new Taxation (Post Transition) Bill, which is expected to include other powers to overwrite parts of the withdrawal agreement.

Ministers have admitted that their plans break international law, and the EU has said such a move would be “curtains” for talks. The precise content of the taxation bill is not yet clear, however.

Hopes were raised that negotiators could be coming close to an agreement in London on Wednesday night after a large order of pizza was seen arriving at the door of their location – a sign of working into the night.

’ But nothing has yet emerged from negotiations, and diplomats say there are divisions among EU member states about how to proceed.

A group of harder-line leaders coalescing around Emmanuel Macron’s France reportedly want chief negotiator Michel Barnier to hold out for more concessions from the UK and allow a no-deal to occur if necessary.

Whatever is going on at Westminster, it bears no resemblence to good government nor to people having the best interests of the UK at heart. Johnson and his cronies are acting like lemmings heading for a cliff edge.
If Johnson makes a deal it is argued by the brexiters he has sold them down the river.Therefore looses their support leading to --What? An election?Funds removed by donors to Tory party?
No deal hits the country and keeps the brexiters on side ( the country can go hang) and the new right wing Tories survive
Bad government for the country,good for keeping the Tories and cronies together.
The last historical event that cost the country dear was Suez in 1956 when the reality of us NOT being a global power came to light when the US refused to cooperate with us. An Empire then was slowly lost.
Are we to loose more influence in the World due to more Tory enlightenment?
It remains to be seen what the voter thinks
This comment is on the comment, not your excellent blog. “The empire was slowly lost” should read “The enslaved colonies were reluctantly given their freedom”.
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