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Sunday, July 05, 2020

Farage reported to police

It is not just Dominic Cummings and Stanley Johnson who have been exercising their privilege to break the lockdown rules. As the Independent reports, Nigel Farage has been at it again, and has been reported to the police for his trouble.

Apparently, the referral to the authorities came after Farage visited a pub less than a fortnight after a trip to a Donald Trump rally in the United States. Anyone returning from overseas is required supposed to self-isolate for 14 days under current quarantine laws, with few exceptions:

The former Ukip leader Mr Farage was pictured on social media earlier on Saturday as pubs opened for the first time since lockdown in March.

Liberal Democrat acting leader Sir Ed Davey has now written to Kent Police asking them to investigate if Mr Farage has breached quarantine rules.

The Brexit Party politician was pictured at the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the evening of 20 June.

Sir Ed said that suggested he did not return to the UK until 21 June at the earliest, meaning he should have remained in isolation until at least Sunday.

Sir Ed said: “There are clearly serious questions to answer for Nigel Farage. It is clear from his social media posts that he was in America on 20 June, and he was pictured at a Trump rally that evening. Given the current requirements for visitors returning to the UK to isolate for 14 full days on their return, Nigel Farage appears to be in violation of the quarantine.”

He said it was the responsibility of everyone to take lockdown requirements seriously.

“By choosing to go to the pub when it appears he should have been staying at home, Mr Farage is showing a flagrant disregard for the safety of people in his community.”

It would be nice if some of these people who think they are better than all the rest of us were held to account for their actions. I am not going to hold my breath however.
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