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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Clueless government penalise care sector again

Considering UK Ministers have stood on their doorsteps week after week applauding health and care workers, one would have thought they could show more sensitivity and concern for the thousands who have risked and, in some cases, lost their lives tackling Covid 19.

But no, as with everything else with this government, their petty jingoism has taken precedence, and new immigration regulations have chosen to penalise these front-line heroes and the sector that they work in.

The Guardian reports that care home staff have been excluded from a post-Brexit fast-track visa system for health workers, in a move that critics say could prove “an unmitigated disaster” and may increase the risk of spreading coronavirus:

Confirming there would be no special treatment for carers coming from the EU or the rest of the world, the government said it hoped Britons would fill a shortfall of around 120,000 workers, equating to 10% of all posts. Currently 17% of care jobs are filled by foreign citizens.

Prof Martin Green, the chief executive of Care England, which represents the largest private providers, said the decicison, amid a pandemic in which 20,000 people have died in UK care homes, “has the potential to destabilise the sector even further with potentially disastrous consequences”.

The National Care Forum, which represents voluntary providers, said it could increase the use of agency staff, which as been shown to increase the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

However we finally come out of this pandemic, one thing is clear, the disaster that is Brexit, coupled with the incompetence and short-sightedness of government ministers, means that the society we will transition too will be harsher, meaner and more selfish. Boris Johnson has finally moulded the UK in his own image.
Sensitive is not on their agenda. Yes there petty jingoism is showing.Pretending to care for PR purposes. They hope Brits will fill the shortfall. Wishfull thinking. Forced into jobs they are not suited for. Just one more shortfall that Brexit will have to cope with.
Patel wanting to attract the best! When overseas countries believe we are a disaster with an uncertain future why will they want to come here? There will be shortfall in all industries.Training up workers also takes time. I believe the consequences of Brexit will be with us for a long time. Some will benefit from the financial side of disaster economics Most will not gain.
With your last paragraph I would add Gove and Cummings
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