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Monday, March 30, 2020

Personal Protection must be the priority

The Guardian reports that the deaths of the first British doctors from Covid-19 have intensified pressure on ministers to accelerate the supply of protective equipment and address growing fears among frontline staff that they risk catching and spreading coronavirus.

The paper says that doctors’ and nurses’ groups have attacked continuing shortages of protective equipment – from masks to gowns – and complained that there was still confusion despite fresh official guidance about their proper use. There were also further calls to ramp up testing of NHS workers.

They add that Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer, has told the media that fatalities are expected to increase, indicating that normal life is not likely to resume for three to six months – and “it is plausible it could go further than that.”

In the circumstances it is imperative that the government gets a grip on ensuring that protective equipment is available for all health service staff. They should not forget care workers either, many of whom continue to go into the homes of vulnerable people.

If we are to stop the spread of COVID-19 then this must be a priority.
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