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Monday, February 10, 2020

Boris Johnson ignores expert advice on immigration system

Michael Gove famously told voters during the referendum campaign that he was fed up of experts, well that now appears to have become mainstream government policy.

The Independent reports that Boris Johnson is to press ahead with an Australian-style points-based system for immigration despite its rejection by the government’s own experts:

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) said in a report last month that a points-based system was “cosmetic” and “pointless” for all but the most highly skilled migrants, with chair Alan Manning dismissing it as a “soundbite”.

The prime minister and Priti Patel, the home secretary, have accepted the MAC’s recommendation to cut the salary threshold for skilled migrants to £25,600, after employers complained that the proposed £30,000 minimum would exclude staff in vital but relatively poorly paid roles like lab technicians and care home managers.

But they are pressing ahead with the points system promised in the Conservative manifesto, under which applications for work visas will be judged against a set of desirable characteristics.

The issue appears to be the complexity of such a points system, but also that it will prove to be too inflexible and leave many industries struggling to fill vacancies. Is sabotaging the UK's economy the price we have to pay for Johnson's ideological approach to this issue?
The Aussies dropped their points system cos it did not meet their needs.
Johnson wants to fulfill a manifesto commitment.Not fulfilling a promise did not help Clegg in the coalition. He therefore will carry out his plans. When he finds faults with the system will he change it?
Remember he says f..k business. This could mean that companies will have to sort themselves out.
If he wishes to be popular and stay as PM he will bend with the wind. If he does not,he will be out.
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