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Friday, August 23, 2019

UKIP firmly enscounced as the new far right party

If anybody had any doubt of the sort of party UKIP have become, then they should read this article in the Guardian.

The paper says that Richard Braine, the new UKIP leader, has been accused of whipping up religious tensions and anti-Muslim prejudice after leaked emails showed he argued that people should no more want Muslims to settle in their country than Nazis:

Braine, who won the leadership after a campaign in which he expressed anti-Islam views, also suggested that non-Muslims needed to help Muslims to “cast out their demon” and argued there was no such thing as “moderate Muslims”.

One email reads: “The nonsense of the moderate Muslim is trotted out repeatedly by so many people with good intentions, but wilful ignorance of Islamic teaching. There is no moderate Islam. Get used to it. It’s a fact. When people talk about moderate Muslims they are making an error. It is like saying Hitler wasn’t such a bad fellow, quite a laugh actually, an entertaining speaker, a patron of the arts – he loved Wagner – he made the trains run on time, and just look at his smart uniforms. It is to ignore completely the ideology to which the person is religiously wedded.”

He added: “You should no more apologise for a moderate Muslim, and wish him to settle in your country, than you should a moderate Maoist or Nazi.”

It is little wonder that UKIP are languishing at 1% in the polls, nor is there any doubt in my view that they have now firmly established themselves on the unsavoury far right spectrum of British politics.
1st UKIP next is the Brexit Party now in decline with Johnson grabbing the votes back.This leaves the Conservative party as the 'moderate 'right wing party (Labour on the left) As a result their is a lot of scope in the centre for A party to fight for .The Lib Dems should take it.
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