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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Corbyn keeps to the script

You cannot criticise Jeremy Corbyn for his consistency. One can however question his effectiveness as an opposition leader and his commitment to doing what is best for the country. This is especially so after he once more rebuffed calls to commit Labour to a people's vote on Brexit.

I wonder how else he proposes to resolve the impasse that is threatening to rip apart both Labour and Tory Parties, whilst turning conventional UK politics on its head, not to mention the devastating impact Brexit will have on the UK economy, our international standing and our standard of living.

The biggest disappointment of the whole Brexit debacle has been the way Labour have failed to act as an opposition, but have gone out of their way to work with the Tories to facilitate our exit from the EU, even when it became abundantly clear that the whole thing was toxic and that any withdrawal agreement we could get would be against our national interest.

The Guardian records that at a 'fractious and inconclusive shadow cabinet meeting', Corbyn continued to sit on the fence over a people's vote on Brexit, with even close allies believe the message is still not clear enough, and the party risks losing voters to the ardently anti-Brexit Lib Dems:

Shadow ministers were told they would be returning to the issue of Brexit at next Tuesday’s meeting; and keen supporters of a people’s vote said they hoped the statement was just the first step in what one called a “managed climbdown”.

However, others said they remained concerned that any shift would be too little, too late to win back disgruntled voters.

McDonnell has told friends that while he is sympathetic to Corbyn’s desire to continue trying to respect the referendum, and represent both remain and leave, he is concerned about morale among party members.

Essentially, Corbyn has taken the 1975 Harold Wilson line of allowing his payroll vote to go off and do their own thing. It is little wonder that nobody knows where Labour really stands on Brexit.
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