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Saturday, May 18, 2019

The May-Corbyn axis designed to deliver Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn may well have pulled the plug on talks with the Tories over how to deliver Brexit, but just how far they had come in achieving that aim has been revealed by a leaked document highlighted by Evening Standard.

The Standard says that the two parties were discussing a plan to block a second referendum and stage “preferential votes” in the Commons designed to allow Britain to leave the EU on July 31:

The plan involves:
The document infuriated Labour MPs opposed to Brexit who said it seemed that the two leaders had discussed the plans.

Labour MP Alex Sobel called on Mr Corbyn to disown the plan - and to back a referendum immediately.

“This is the battle plan for a desperate Prime Minister to freeze the people out over the biggest decision facing the country in two generations,” said the MP.

It is little wonder that Labour MPs are annoyed, as once more their leadership appear intent on foiling party policy in delivering a confirmatory public vote.

The appearance of this document just six days before European elections, and at a time when support for the party is already plummeting, cannot be helpful either.

It confirms once more that Labour cannot be trusted on Brexit, that whatever they say publicly, they are really working for us to leave the EU.

I hope that Remainers take note when they go to the polls.
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