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Monday, March 25, 2019

Tories in denial on Islamophobia

The Conservative Party would like us to believe that, in stark contrast with Labour and anti-Semitism, they are dealing with their Islamophobia problem, however the reality is very different.

The Guardian reports that more than a dozen Conservative councillors who were suspended over posting Islamophobic or racist content online – with some describing Saudis as “sand peasants” and sharing material comparing Asian people to dogs – have had their membership quietly reinstated:

The chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, Mohammed Amin, called on the party to publish a set of formal disciplinary processes after the Guardian found 15 examples of politicians who posted content that was deemed objectionable.

The findings come amid growing concerns over the Conservative party’s attitude to reports of Islamophobia in a febrile wider climate, with the number of hate crimes against Muslims reported to have risen by 593% in the week after the attack on two New Zealand mosques.

The Labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, told the Observer on Sunday that he had been repeatedly subjected to anti-Muslim abuse from the Tory party’s members and supporters.

It seems that the Tories talk a good game when it comes to their disciplinary procedures, but the reality is very different. Just as Labour continues to have a problem with anti-Semitism, the Tories continue to shelter people who have demonstrated that they hold racist and anti-Islamist views.
Those councillors who have been re=instated should be named and shamed.The Tories use all weapons to fight the opposition including their right wing press. However when it comes to their misdemeanors silence.
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