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Thursday, March 14, 2019

As the UK teeters on the brink, Farage rakes in the cash

It is still pantomime season in the House of Commons, with one EU leader suggesting that MPs were now sitting aboard the Titanic voting in favour of the iceberg getting out of the way. Meanwhile, one of the chief architects f Brexit, Nigel Farage, who only a few years ago told the Daily Mail that he was “53, separated and skint”, adding: “There’s no money in politics” is now raking in the cash.

As the Guardian reports, Farage added nearly £400,000 last year to the coffers of a company that has acted as a repository for the former UKIP leader’s earnings from media appearances and the lecture circuit.

The paper says that despite claiming in 2017 that he was “skint”, filings to Companies House suggest the picture may have changed in the period since Farage stepped down as leader:

Thorn in the Side Ltd, of which Farage is the sole director, had assets of £548,573 for the year to May 2018 – a substantial jump from assets of just over £157,000 recorded for the previous year.

The disclosure comes as Farage was chided on Wednesday by the European parliament’s Brexit coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, while the parliament debated the current Brexit turmoil.

Verhofstadt claimed Farage wanted an extension to article 50 in order to keep Britain in the EU, so he can continue to have his MEP’s salary and transfer it into an offshore company.

Farage laughed and nodded as the former Belgian prime minister made the claims about his pay and accused Farage of wanting to stay in the EU to continue a project of “destroying it from within”.

The former Ukip leader later told the Guardian: “Mr Verhofstadt is just plain wrong. I have never been the beneficiary of any offshore company.”

As well as having had a show on LBC radio, Farage has been a regular political commentator on international television channels since stepping down as Ukip leader in 2016. He was hired the following year as a commentator for the US television network Fox News.

Farage, who has criticised others for avoiding tax, has come under fire in the past for using Thorn in the Side Ltd to reduce the tax bill on his media appearances.

It seems that there is money in politics after all.
This whole Brexit fiasco,to me, seems to be a way of lining the pockets of the already rich and the CONSERVATIVE ELITE. Creaming off the countries assets at the peoples expense.We go down with the Titanic whilst they take the lifeboats to be rescued. Putting our hopes on the financial sector only benefits a certain number of already well off people. Mogg Muted his Irish company in 1995 then it was sat on. low and behold along comes Brexit and the company appears. ERG are self serving Tory capitalists obtaining money at the country and peoples expense.
Remember that the Papers are owned by non domiciles, tax dodgers who have no interest in the country,Tory donors? A vested interest in selling Brexit to increase paper sales etc.
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