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Thursday, December 20, 2018

With the country on the brink of disaster, MPs stage a pantomine

What will it take for MPs to take seriously the existential threat to this country posed by Brexit? Whilst the Government earmarks £4 billion towards preparations for a no-deal Brexit, including stockpiling food and medicines on a scale not seen since the second world war, the House of Commons yesterday turned into a full-throated pantomime.

Theresa May led a chorus of Tory MPs from the despatch box, whilst Corbyn allowed himself to be intimidated and walked into a row of his own over whether he demeaned women or just people-kind as a whole.

It does matter what the Leader of the Opposition said of course, but it matters too that whilst the politicians argue over which end to eat a boiled egg from, the whole Brexit process is already hitting living standards, jobs and our future economic prospects.  Maybe they should stop playing games and actually get down to work on sorting out the mess they have created.

I filled in a YouGov survey yesterday. One of the questions was how likely is another referendum on us leaving the EU. For the first time, I ticked 'fairly unlikely'. As much as I see a referendum as the only legitimate way to get us out of this mess, I just cannot see any circumstances by which we will get one.

I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that we are heading for the cliff edge of a no-deal exit. Yesterday's shenanigans have just reinforced that belief. While MPs insist on behaving like naughty children, rather than mature decision-making adults, I fear that we are destined for disaster. Please prove me wrong.
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