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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Corbyn under pressure to support a people's vote

Jeremy Corbyn's fence-sitting on Brexit does not appear to have gone down well with his most enthusiastic supporters within the Labour Party, many of whom like me, must be wondering why he is consistently letting this incompetent Tory Government off the hook over our proposed departure from the EU.

As the Independent reports, a new survey has found that majority of members of the left-wing Momentum group back a fresh referendum on Brexit:

53 per cent of people who responded to a major consultation by the organisation said they wanted Labour to commit to holding a fresh vote, either as a top priority or if the party cannot force a general election.

Forty-one per cent said they wanted a public vote “in all circumstances”, while a further 12 per cent said they wanted another referendum “but only if there is no general election”.

A further 28 per cent said they supported a vote “remaining on the table as an option if there is no general election”.

Just 17 per cent did not support a fresh referendum at all.

The paper says that the survey is likely to pile fresh pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to back calls for a Final Say vote. But will he listen? Only time will tell.
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