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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Who are the runners and riders in the Tory leadership race?

It is telling that despite there being no vacancy, Theresa May's position is so precarious newspapers and others are already speculating on her successor.

The Telegraph is no exception and they have an exclusive this morning in which they reveal what is described as an explosive internal memo suggesting the Prime Minister will be forced to “stand down soon after March 2019” and detailing the pros and cons of her potential successors.

They say that the excruciating dossier is being widely circulated among Tory MPs and analyses the leadership prospects of her cabinet colleagues and other contenders, including leading Brexiteers Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg:

It emerged as Mrs May is desperately trying to sell her widely criticised Chequers plan to EU leaders in Salzburg on Wednesday evening.

As a sign of the growing mutiny within the Tory party, MPs have been sharing the memo between themselves as they continue to openly discuss the Prime Minister's replacement on WhatsApp.

Written in April but re-circulated in recent days, the dossier - believed to have been authored by a Tory MP - is based on the “assumption” that the 1922 backbench committee will “invite the PM to stand-down soon(ish) after March 2019”.

Advising colleagues to “manoeuver [sic] immediately”, it provides an unflinching assessment of 27 of Mrs May’s potential successors, describing Environment Secretary Michael Gove as being “on manoeuvres”, Chancellor Philip Hammond as “thinking he has a chance” but “not a hope” and Trade Secretary Liam Fox as “fading”.

“Bookies [sic] favourite” Mr Johnson is considered an unlikely successor because “the front-runner never wins” while Mr Rees-Mogg is described as “the party’s favourite” but “unlikely to succeed to the last two”.

The dossier claims former Brexit Secretary David Davis pretends “not to be interested, but is” although the conclusion is he “won’t succeed” because it is “too late”.

His fellow Brexiteer and former leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the House of Commons, is branded “totally unsuitable”, while Home Secretary Sajid Javid - seen as the favourite among younger Tories - is described as “wanting it” but “trying to recover from Referendum positioning error”. Mr Javid voted for Remain but is now trying to present himself as a pragmatic re-Leaver.

So too is Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who the memo describes as a “dark horse, near the front of the pack coming up the rail”. The memo adds: "Note John Major 1990" - a reference to the former Prime Minister’s shock election as leader ahead of Michael Heseltine and Douglas Hurd, his more high-profile rivals to Margaret Thatcher.

Personally, I don't like the look of any of them.
It is like a love story, all the boys chasing the best girl in town with the TORYgraph as the best friend. They are wrapped in their own bubble where the rest of us are just dancers in the room..
ANYWAY the Tories are money lovers who care little for science. We have just launched a satellite with an INDIAN rocket We are supposed to have rocket sites lined up (where is our new Blue Steak!?) Their disinterest in science puts us at a disadvantage in the rapidly developing world.
In this 4th industrial revolution we stand to loose out . With Vince,s ideas for new tech we could develop the robots that can be used with care workers (or other Industries)in tandem with human workers. The workers can be trained to repair them , cos they will break down, This adds value to a job, it becomes less of a trivial thing and enhances the workers esteem. Something to think about
The Tories do the talk but do not do the walk
The best girl in town? Surely no more than the richest.
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