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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Major step forward in campaign to ban puppy and kitten farming

Really good news today with a victory by the Lucy's Law campaign to end the horrors of puppy farming. The Mirror reports that the Government has announced that it will ban the sale of puppies by pet shops, online dealers and other third party sellers.

They say that Environment Secretary, Michael Gove has heaped praise on the campaign which highlighted how these sellers rely on puppies supplied by callous commercial breeders who raise animals in horrendous conditions:

"We will eliminate puppy farming,” he declared in a speech at Number 10, Downing Street.

“We will make sure third party sales of kittens and puppies ends.

"Far too many of the pets that people, with the best will in the world, bring into their homes we know have been brought up in squalid circumstances, in circumstances of pain and suffering and misery which should never be inflicted on any living thing.”

He singled out for praise Brighton vet Marc Abraham, the founder of Lucy's Law, Pup Aid, Care And Respect Includes All Dogs (CARIAD), and Canine Action UK and told the Mirror: “Congratulations on your campaign”.

An ecstatic Marc Abraham, said: “I'm delighted with the news that Lucy's Law is finally going to happen. “For years irresponsible breeders in the UK and abroad - puppy farmers - have always used third parties to keep themselves well-hidden from the buying public.

“By banning third party sellers, Lucy's Law will ensure all breeders are accountable, making it the first major step in tackling puppy farm cruelty.

“Lucy's Law is a tribute to Lucy and all the victims of the third party puppy trade; and I thank all my fellow campaigners, supporters, parliamentarians, celebrities and ethical animal welfare organisations for their help in protecting the future health and happiness of this country's dogs and cats."

This is a fantastic step forward and all credit to the campaigners who have fought so hard to achieve this result.
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