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Sunday, June 10, 2018

UK Government continues to fall apart as they row over immigration

It turns out that it is not just Brexit that has UK Government Ministers at each other's throats. As the Independent reports there are also serious disagreements over immigration as well, as the Prime Minister refuses to back down from her 'hostile environment' policy, despite it being discredited over the Windrush scandal, and her misplacing a Home Secretary who was seeking to defend the indefensible.

The paper says that whilst on her trip to the G7 summit, the prime minister rejected three times, calls for a rethink on policies to curb illegal immigration, which have trapped British citizens. Instead, she insisted she had the public’s backing for measures which have turned employers, landlords, the NHS and banks into “de facto border guards”, required to make immigration checks.

This is despite the fact that Sajid Javid, the new home secretary, has already announced a rethink after members of the Windrush generation swept up by the policy were denied jobs and healthcare, and even detained or deported. He rejected Ms May’s phrase “hostile environment” as a “non-British term” and said: “I’m going to look at how it’s been implemented. I want to review aspects of the policy.”

The question now is whether Javid will be allowed to proceed with his avowed policy to introduce a “fairer, more compassionate immigration system”, one that is becoming increasingly necessarily as the previous policy, implemented by May when she was Home Secretary, collapses around his ears:

Doctors say people are being denied urgent treatment, after hospitals were put under a legal duty to seek money upfront from patients unable to prove they are eligible for free care.

And the government is facing a legal challenge over the “right to rent” scheme obliging landlords to check the immigration status of all would-be tenants – which campaigners say provokes widespread discrimination.

Half of landlords told the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) that they were now less likely to consider renting to non-EU nationals – while 42 per cent were less likely to rent to those without a UK passport.

This Government is becoming more and more dysfunctional as each day passes.
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