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Friday, June 22, 2018

Cardiff Council bids to become X factor judges

A bizarre new policy introduced in Cardiff requires buskers to send 'audition tapes' to the council before getting a license under strict new rules.

Wales online report that the rules, which are set to come into force from July 1, mean that buskers have to send a video clip of them performing to Cardiff council to be approved and apply for the license each month.

Apparently, officers will be assessing the tapes to establish each busker's "sustainability and standard". The council has refused to give any further details as to the criteria they will use to judge whether a performer is worthy to grace the City's streets.

Each license, which is free of charge, will last one month which can be renewed "subject to agreement". Noise levels by buskers have to be "reasonable" and if the council receive a complaint then they have a statutory duty to investigate it.

The council say that the new system has been brought in following complaints by City centre businesses, but it is not clear whether objections have been focussed on the quality of the music or the fact that the busker is present at all.

I fully expect questions at the next council meeting as to what qualifications the officers concerned have to evaluate other people's music. Everybody is a critic I suppose.
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