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Thursday, June 14, 2018

A divided Labour party giving succour to the Tories

I accept that the alternative single market option of the European Economic Area may not be the best way forward for the UK, but if we are really going to leave the EU then it represents the best we can hope for to minimise the damage caused by Brexit.

The Tory Government does not accept that of course. They seem set on a hard Brexit, possibly a no-deal Brexit that is going to cause immense harm to our economy and cut our living standards. Surely it is the duty of the official opposition to take a principled stand against that position.

Unfortunately, Labour do not see that as their role. Their supposed alternative is as idealistic and unobtainable as the negotiating stance taken by Theresa May. In fact you could not get a cigarette paper between the two positions. When are they going to do their job and start to oppose this mess?

You could be forgiven for spotting that I am unhappy about what happened yesterday. Yet another opportunity to defeat the government and force them into a single market option was squandered by the Labour opposition. They whipped their MPs to abstain on the EEA amendment and got their reward when 90 backbenchers defied the whip and five frontbench MPs quit to join them.

We are now faced with a situation where both the main parties are irrevocably divided on the main issue of the day, no realistic leadership from the official opposition whilst the third largest party in the House of Commons has slunk off in a massive sulk over the perceived snubbing of Scotland.

In the words of Private Frazer in Dad's Army, 'we're all doomed'.
Brexit becomes a bigger mess by the day. Not long now before we become a 3rd World country begging for handouts. after we have had a Civil War.(See BBC Radio 4 Drama Monday to Friday 2.15 to 3 pm)
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