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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Labour leader rules out Norway option but what is his alternative?

The Guardian reports that Jeremy Corbyn has told Labour MPs that a Norway-style option cannot be considered by the party, but faces a party split after rebel Lords passed an amendment to the EU withdrawal bill which would keep membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) as an option.

EEA membership, which is often described as the Norway option gives countries full access to the EU’s internal market, allowing it to trade goods with EU states without customs fees, except food and drinks which are subsidised by the EU. Iceland and Liechtenstein are also members of the EEA, but the terms mean accepting freedom of movement and, as a non-EU state, the UK would have to accept EU regulations with no seat at the table in Brussels.

It is unlikely that option would satisfy either side and yet Corbyn's objective is apparently to unite both leave and remain supporters. At some stage he is going to have to get off the fence.

Labour's present position just offers succour to Theresa May's objective of a hard Brexit. Some of the frontbenchers talk the talk but so far they have been unable to get the leadership to walk the walk.

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn continues to rule out options, we wait for baited breath to see what his alternative is. Will he have one? It is looking more and more unlikely.
Corbyn is implacably anti EU. He will join May in a hard Brexit. He has to go.His mind is fixed for if he changes it will feel like a defeat to him.
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