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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Desperate UKIP drag out the old smears in search for relevance

I don't often listen to First Minister's question time in the Welsh Assembly these days, but I had it on in the background yesterday whilst I worked on other things. I was just in time to catch the astonishing contribution from the Welsh UKIP leader, disgraced former Tory MP, Neil Hamilton smear the Welsh teaching profession.

His allegation was that Wales' education system is being used as a tool of propaganda. He believes that parts of the Welsh Baccalaureate on topics like inequality are being taught from a "centre-left disposition" and that there is a "potential danger" that teachers may be biased, suggesting they may favour the Labour party:

The UKIP Wales leader said the qualification included a "global citizen challenge which deals with issues such as cultural diversity, fair trade, future energy, inequality and poverty".

"These are all highly political topics which need to be taught in a balanced way if education is not to degrade itself into mere propaganda," Mr Hamilton told First Minister's Questions in the Senedd.

He said he had seen the materials being used in teaching the courses which are all, he claimed, "from a centre-left disposition".

"The false indignation coming from the other side proves the point I'm trying to make here," Mr Hamilton replied, "that because they control the education system it is being used as a tool of propaganda."

Mr Hamilton said the "mindset of a teacher is very important" and, quoting polling figures suggesting many secondary school teachers vote Labour, he said: "Even if bias is subconscious it must be regarded as a potential danger".

I have not seen such a pisspoor attempt to grab headlines for some time, even going to the lengths of seeking to revive the 'loony-left' headlines so prevalent in the tabloids in the 1980s about certain Labour-run councils.

Carwyn Jones was quite right in his response, stating that "anything is centre-left" from Mr Hamilton's perspective. The First Minister alleged that the Welsh UKIP Leader had supported the now-repealed Section 28 law that had banned local authorities from intentionally promoting the acceptability of homosexuality.

As a school governor and a Councillor, I come across teachers on a daily basis and, without exception, they are committed, dedicated individuals whose sole motivation is to give their pupils the best possible start in life. I think Hamilton owes the profession an apology.

It just shows how out-of-touch
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