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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Racist, inaccurate tweet by Leave.EU - time for police intervention

When Nigel Farage unveiled his 'Breaking Point' poster during the Brexit referendum suggesting that if we were to stay in the EU then the UK will be swamped with immigrants, he hit a new low. appealing to his supporters racist instincts to harvest their votes.

Many people voted to leave the European Union because of fears about immigration which Farage and UKIP exploited. It was little wonder that following that plebiscite, the number of racially motivated attacks increased.

Key figures in the official Leave campaign condemned that poster, saying it was entirely inappropriate. That did not stop their cause from benefitting from anti-immigrant sentiment of course, nor has Leave.EU apparently learnt from the experience,

As the Mirror reports, Leave.EU posted an offensive and racist tweet yesterday morning, targeting Muslims and making three claims that are factually incorrect.

The tweet was accompanied by a large picture of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a mosque and a group of Muslims at prayer. It claimed “British multiculturalists feed Islamic fundamentalism. Londonistan, built on the sad ruins of English Christianity. And the image included a list of statistics: “423 new mosques. 500 closed churches. 100 sharia courts”. As the Mirror illustrated not one of these statistics is true. The post is 100% fake news.

This is abhorrent behaviour by Leave.EU. In my view it seeks to stir up hatred against Muslims in an effort to keep their anti-EU crusade on track. As Labour MP, Wes Streeting, says: “It’s time to see Leave.EU for what it is: an alt-right front for nasty, racist politics designed to whip up division and prejudice, particularly towards Britain’s Muslims.”

Surely the police should be investigating this tweet.
Yes the police should investigate. Equally the talk of Turks in the 1000s coming over here spreading fear would not have gone down well in Turkey, one possible reason for our new troubles with Turkey that Putin is now exploiting.
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