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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Another fine mess...

Having revealed through the title of this piece that I grew up watching old Laurel and Hardy films, I recommend that you all go over to the Guardian website and read Marina Hyde's latest on the Brexit shambles at the heart of government.

There seems to me to be a rather apt synchronicity between Stan and Ollie's instinctive incompetence and that of the current UK cabinet - do you remember the one where they tried to fix the leaky fishing boat?

Here are a few quotes from Marina Hyde's piece to whet you appetite:

'I recently watched an ITV news dispatch from Norway’s border with Sweden during which I discovered that either Davis did not know what the word “frictionless” meant, or was hoping no one else did. On this basis, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis had a frictionless relationship.'
'A ComRes survey just before the 2016 vote found 61% of voters declaring themselves willing to accept a short-term economic slowdown to tighten immigration controls, but 68% unwilling to see their personal annual income negatively affected at all to achieve the same. What has the economy to do with the public, much of the public wonders.'
'The cabinet is now cobbled together from two sides of the referendum divide, each of whom accused the other of the most despicable lies during the campaign. Ever since, preposterously, they have expected the public to accept they are telling the truth when they act together. How is this supposed to work?'

It really is as bad as we feared.
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