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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Draining the UKIP swamp

When Donald Trump declared that he wanted to 'drain the swamp' he was referring to the Washington establishment who, he claimed, had been holding the USA back for too long.

When the embattled UKIP leader, Henry Bolton says he wants to drain the swamp he means his own party, who are fighting hard to get rid of him.

The contrast could not be sharper, UKIP has turned back in on itself. It no longer pretends to be concerned about the future of the United Kingdom. The party is too preoccupied with its own internal power struggles and with the fate of its leader, and a girlfriend who has been slated for her racist comments. Who would have thought that UKIP might attract racists to its ranks?

As the Guardian reports, Henry Bolton's refusal to quit as UKIP leader and his hints that he may rekindle his romance with Jo Marney, has provoked mass resignations from the party’s senior team over his handling of the affair.

The UKIP leader lost 10 portfolio holders on Monday, with spokespeople for work and pensions, culture, London, education, local government, trade, justice and environment, as well as the deputy leader and another assistant deputy leader quitting during the course of the day. That added to five resignations from the spokesmen for immigration, Brexit, sport, Treasury and disabilities over the last couple of weeks.

And as if things could not get any worse, Nigel Farage chose that moment to stick his two-pennyworth in, saying it was right for Bolton to hold out for a vote of UKIP members, four months after being elected to the post.

With five leaders in just over 15 months, surely it is time for the swamp to finally claim UKIP for its own. Very few people will mourn if the party sinks without trace.
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