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Monday, December 04, 2017

Should Nigel Farage give up his EU pension?

Having railed constantly against the European Union gravy train for decades, one would have thought that Brexiteers such as Nigel Farage would set an example by putting his principles where his wallet is. That though is not how the former UKIP leader sees things.

According to the Independent, Farage refused to pass on the money when challenged on the Andrew Marr Show, demanding to know why his family should suffer for his beliefs and actions.

Farage is entitled to an estimated annual pension of £73,000, which he would be able to claim in ten years time at the age of 63.

As sympathetic as I am to the plight of Nigel Farage's family, it does seem to be faintly hypocritical to attack the European Parliament for its very existence and then to benefit from its largesse, whether he is entitled to or not.

The fact is that UKIP has built its organisation around the money it gets from the EU, whilst at the same time campaigning for us to leave. If we leave the EU they should be made to pay it all back.
Yes it is hypocritical,VERY. If he is to get a pension it should be fixed to the time he was an MEP, no more. In what way did he serve the EU when he wanted to wreck it. He must be made to feel very uncomfortable bout his behaviour on this. I bet in his interview I bet he was given an easy ride.
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