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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

My tribute to Carl Sargeant

A massive hole has opened up in Welsh politics. The sad, tragic and premature death of Carl Sargeant yesterday has diminished Welsh politics and deprived his family and his community of a husband, a father, a community leader and a caring, passionate advocate for social justice and equality.

For all but 18 months of Carl's 14 years in the Assembly, I was on the opposition benches working with him, scrutinising him and for most of that time shadowing his portfolio. His competence and grasp of his brief was beyond question, his commitment and his compassion to the many causes he fought for and championed was unrivalled.

I worked closely with him on my private members bill, the Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013. The support he gave me from his ministerial office was invaluable and proved instrumental in placing an enduring and radical piece of legislation on the statute book that will make a huge difference to many vulnerable people living in Park Homes.

When the bill became law he made a point of inviting me to the sealing ceremony with the team of officials who had supported him on it. It was a mark of his thoughtfulness and his collegiate approach to government.

Carl was not afraid either to take on the really tough jobs. He did not flinch from doing the right thing. He grasped the nettle and sent in commissioners to sort out Anglesey Council, and he picked up the hot potato that became the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, fixed its many faults and turned it into a viable and deliverable piece of legislation.

Above all though he will be remembered for being a larger than life, highly likeable, kind and genuine man who was the life and soul of every party, a genuine working class politician with a great sense of humour and humanising sensitivity.

He took up the cause of stamping out domestic abuse and injustice with a crusading zeal that was typical of his approach to politics. Irrespective of the heights he achieved in politics and government he remained an integral part of his home community. Connah's Quay and his constituency of Alyn and Deeside were always his first priority. He remained rooted in his home and his community.

His was a voice that the dispossessed, downtrodden, left-behind, abused, unfortunate could always rely on to speak out on their behalf. He will be greatly missed by us all.
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