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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Labour frontbench unite with Tories in pro-Brexit vote

The Independent reports that John McDonnell and fellow Opposition frontbenchers joined with the Government to vote down a Labour backbench Brexit proposal designed to protect the customs union.

They say that the Shadow Chancellor was among the 18 Labour MPs, 283 Conservatives, eight DUP and two independents who defeated an amendment to the Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill, which aims to put in law a new post-Brexit customs regime:

MPs heard the Bill will pave the way for domestic legislation that will enable the UK to charge customs duty on goods - including those imported from the EU - and outline how customs checks will be made.

Labour former frontbencher Mr Murray's amendment sought to exempt EU goods from the new regime, and was supported during the vote by Tory rebels Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke.

It has long been known that despite harvesting millions of anti-Brexit votes in the General Election, Labour are in reality committed to leaving the EU. This vote confirms that, and further shows that the opposition front bench also have problems with us remaining in or wedded to the single market.

Labour have betrayed those voters who entrusted them to look after their economic interests and reneged on their role as a functional Official Opposition.
Dear blogger,

Thank you for reporting this.

I went to Libdem Voice this morning for our party comments but as usual found the top story was an entirely minority issue. Nothing whatsoever about parliament and the withdrawal bill, it's crucial amendments.

I despair that our party, apart from Nick Clegg is going down the route of passive acceptance where it should be kicking and screaming.

It reminds me of sitting through the Party Conference where we were debating goldfish while the country was crashing out of the DRM!!

Elizabeth Patterson long time member.
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