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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bringing the Bexiteers into the real world

For too long now the chief cheerleaders for taking the UK out of the EU have been in denial, seeking to fool us that we can leave fairly cheaply and have lots of cash left over to invest in public services. The public acknowledgement by the UK Government that this is not the case will hopefully bring a new sense of realism to this debate.

As the Guardian reports, the UK has finally bowed to EU demands on the Brexit divorce bill in a move that could result in the us paying £50bn to Brussels, in an attempt to get France and Germany to agree to move negotiations to trade.

They say that the bill could total £53bn to £58bn, although EU officials are not discussing numbers and the British government will fight hard to bring the total down. They add that both sides are trying to avoid talking numbers to help the British government deal with the potentially toxic political fallout.

Inevitable as this was, the size of this bill was denied by leavers during the referendum campaign. They led people to believe that exiting the EU would be a simple task with massive financial benefits for the country.

The truth is that not only will the NHS not get the promised £350m a week but we will be paying heavily to leave an institution that massively benefits us and our economy, losing jobs and prosperity in the process.
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